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Code A Wish AI 101 Summer 2020 Virtual Conference Invites Insilico Medicine CEO to Speak on COVID-19

Aug 11, 2020 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Rockville, Maryland - August 11th, 2020 - Faith Cheung, founder of the national teen-run non-profit Code A Wish, is excited to announce that the CEO of Insilico Medicine will be speaking to hundreds of teens this coming Friday on August 14th, 2020 at 10:00 A.M. at their AI 101 Summer Virtual Conference. Space is limited. Please follow this link to register.

Code A Wish was founded in 2019 by six high school students from the greater Washington, D.C. area and is dedicated to advocating for accessible education on the latest cutting edge technology to teens, especially those who are underprivileged and underserved. The organization has since expanded into other regions, states, and even countries. They held multiple programs in 2019 including the Future Summit, an incredibly successful technology conference with hundreds of teen attendees. In addition, to adapt to the pandemic, the leaders of the club have been enthusiastically and consistently running a virtual AI 101 series since the beginning of this summer and will conclude the virtual series with a virtual conference on August 14th, 2020. These virtual series have benefited hundreds of students across the nation who now have a fundamental understanding of AI and how they can be involved in developing such revolutionary technologies in their future careers. “I wish the virtual series can go on into the fall as I have learned so much and met so many other teens who got inspired,” said one of the participants among many others who have expressed a similar eagerness to continue the learning. To respond to the overwhelming demand, the Code A Wish national leadership team is planning to launch training programs for leaders across the nation to further the cause in the fall. Insilico Medicine, a groundbreaking biotechnology company, employs AI driven technology to further drug discovery and innovation. The company has recently successfully identified a COVID-19 drug treatment through their novel AI platform in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic. The founder and CEO of the company, Alex Zhavoronkov, has graciously agreed to speak to the attendees for our AI 101 Virtual Conference and to inspire the next generation to explore this field further. Code A Wish has had huge success in the past in connecting industry leaders with teenagers and forging new mentorship relationships. In 2019, the first chairperson of AI for the US Air Force, Michael Kanaan, brought the latest AI and machine learnings insights to the Future Summit. The Future Summit also featured the founder of FiscalNote, Jonathan Chen, and renowned technologists, Robert Dempsey, Alex Kaplunovich, and Larry Boyer. Such inspiration from current industry leaders and direct conversations with teens is a rare opportunity in this nation’s educational system. “We are extremely grateful for the time these technology leaders are willing to spend with this nation’s future leaders so that we have a chance to broaden our vision and become motivated to get involved in fields that seem to be unattainable to teens who may not have the background or knowledge of these advancing technologies,” said Faith Cheung. “We are looking forward to continuing to expand this initiative to other parts of the nation to bring technology leaders to the lives of teens.” For more information about Code A Wish, please visit their website. Code A Wish National Leadership Team: Faith Cheung, Justin Wang, Philip Wang, Audrey Dai, Iris Guo, Pranava Nidumolu, and Lucy Wu. Media Contact Company Name: Code A Wish Corp Contact Person: Faith Cheung

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