Laptop Donation Initiative

Featured in the photo:

CEO of St. Ann's sister Mary

Amy Rice, VP of Programs

Faith, Code A Wish

St. Ann Center for Youth and Children, D.C. 


"MCCH is so thankful to Code A Wish for the 6 new computers! They are key items people who have experienced homelessness need to move forward.   A young mom will get to start an online training program supported by her employer that will open doors to new opportunities and improve her ability to support her family. 


Here’s a good video of a teen we supported who is giving back himself:  Sergio’s story."

Montgomery County Homeless Coalition, Maryland 

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Faith delivered three laptops to the Chong Li Youth Foster Home in August, 2019 and taught the kids there how to user laptops as well as setting up email accounts. 

Taiwan Chong Li Foster Home for Youth, Taiwan