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Inspiring Teens to Explore the Role of Technology

The Code A Wish organization is a student-run organization, and our mission is to inspire today’s teens to explore the changing role of technology in their lives and their future. We have created The Future Summit to help educate teens about our evolving world, and we are now open to any teens interested in attending. The Future Summit will take place on Nov. 16 from 9-3, at the Hilton Gaithersburg.

We are a group of high school students launching a free technology conference for teenagers in the area. The conference is completely free of charge, as it is sponsored by a nonprofit organization. We have invited a number of highly regarded experts in the technology field (including local tech entrepreneurs) to speak, such as "Inc. 30 under 30" and "DC 25 under 25", and our hope is that teenagers are inspired and can understand what is coming in the future.

The bulk of the summit will include speakers in the tech and business industry to share about their professions in STEM and the future of our world.

#Many teens aren’t aware of the huge impact technology will have on our future. With industries like automation and coding booming, most teens have no idea what the workplace might even look like by the time they get jobs. Now, as teens are starting to make decisions about their future, this is the perfect time to make sure they know what they should expect.

We have invited many leaders in hot tech industries such as automation and machine learning, as well as passionate entrepreneurs from various tech startups. These highly qualified speakers are excited to talk about their professions and the future of our world and to help educate today’s teens.

#A few of the speakers: Laura Angle, Lead Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton; Robert Dempsey, ML Engineer, Technical Leader, Author, Speaker; Alex Kaplunovich, Innovator, Machine Learning and Cloud Leader; Sagar Gaikwad, Director, Engineering at Capital One Center for Machine Learning.

#We want The Future Summit to motivate teens to explore STEM fields more in depth, whether it be through coding, engineering, or any other STEM field, in order to prepare themselves for their future.

To sign up for this free event with lunch served, go to our website signup page:

If you wish to learn more about our organization or the speakers, please contact us at:


#Instagram: @codeawish

#Our Website:

#Submitted by Faith Cheung and Justin Wang

#Founder and President, Code A Wish

#Richard Montgomery High School

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